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A New Zealand Adventure: Power Without Limits

By James Appleton, Landscape Photographer


If you ask any number of people the names of places on their “must-see” bucket list, New Zealand is often up there. It’s certainly been in the top three on my list for a number of years now. As a landscape photographer, the sheer range of environments that New Zealand has to offer is staggering. It’s a rare opportunity to capture images from true alpine mountain environments, down to lush rain forests, golden sand beaches and aquamarine seas. To say I was excited by the prospect of spending just over three weeks here in December 2013 would be something of an understatement! Especially because it would get me out of the typically grey, wet December us Brits are used to.

It did not disappoint. I spent a whirlwind trip driving over 5000 miles, hiking, running, wading, climbing and bushwhacking to get to the best views. While I don’t have anything against finding and taking your own version of an iconic, familiar photograph, for me personally as a photographer, it’s important to get away from the normal spots and find your own angle. Finding unique shots can often mean several days away from civilization, as was the case a number of times on this trip.  Just like many other people in the modern age, I am lucky to be able to rely on a huge range of technology to help me make this opportunity both safer and more comfortable. I relied on everything from GPS devices to help me navigate dangerous mountainsides in poor weather, to MP3 players to help pass the time whilst waiting for sunset. Best of all, thanks to Powerocks, going forward from this journey on, I don’t have to worry about running out of battery on any one of them. Taking a backup charging device allows me to use my equipment long after their normal battery life has gone.

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 I’m on my way back to the UK now. It’s safe to say, I’ve got a daunting amount of editing to do. I can’t wait to get started! Some of the places I reached and images I captured were some of the most striking I’ve ever seen.  I can’t wait to share them with the world! Thanks to Powerocks, I don’t have to accept limits on where my job as a landscape photographer takes me!  #PowerWithoutLimits

*Powerocks was privileged to sponsor James on his New Zealand adventure. Join us over the next several weeks as James recalls his three weeks spent in such a stunning location.*