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Don’t Get Caught Out in the Cold

“It was freezing!  It was absolutely breathtakingly cold!” Said 37 year old Janice Wellington of Edison Park, NJ. “We had to huddle together just to keep warm in our own house!”

GoAheadGetLostblogimageWellington was one of thousands of Americans without power as the temperatures continued to drop nationwide.  Plunging temperatures lead to higher energy demands and as the country is gripped in yet another artic weather system, it’s leading to power outages in communities across the country.   When the power goes out, so does your access to outlets to charge mobile devices to keep you connected.

That’s why at Powerocks USA we are urging Americans to add a portable charger to their emergency and winter storm preparedness kits.  When faced with the possibility of losing power, Portable chargers will extend the life of mobile devices, such as cell phones, iPads, GPS units, and other mobile devices enabling individuals to keep connected to family, loved ones, and even in the direst of circumstances, emergency response officials.

 “We realize how imperative it is to stay connected when there are dangerous weather conditions.  With these frigid temperatures and the potential for loss of power or being stuck in a car or airport, knowing that you can keep your mobile device charged up if it’s your only power source is something no one should take for granted,” said John Lund, CEO Powerocks USA.

“The most important part of a portable charger is the safety and reliability,” adds Lund.  “The Powerocks labs have demonstrated a less than a 1% defective rate.  That matters more than ever when you need that power most.  You need that charger to work without worry.”

Powerocks features several models of portable chargers from the 2800mAh capacity Magicsticks that can charge the average smart phone up to two times before needing a recharge, to the 12000mAh Magic Cube that can charge multiple devices at once.  Designed with an advanced litium ion technology, they are safe and reliable portable chargers that can be conveniently carried in a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase and have a lifecycle beyond 500 charging cycles.  They charge a variety of mobile devices on the go when away from outlets or in an unexpected power outage or limited power source.


The Red Cross recommends putting together a kit for emergencies to include everything from water and food to tools, copies of personal documents, and extra cash.  In addition, they recommend cell phones with chargers.  You can read more about their list HERE.

Is it time to add a Powerocks portable charger to your winter weather kit?  Today is the last day to get 50% off 7800mAh Magic Cubes.  Go HERE to get yours.  Always FREE shipping!