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Eye in the Sky on the Ground

by Stephen Shields, Frequent Business Traveler and iPhoneographer


Some of the most interesting architecture in the world are in airport terminals.  As a frequent business traveler I’ve come to appreciate the structures in form as well as function.  They are a stirring and compelling visual narrative to the airport’s unique subculture and aesthetic.  When you stop and look around, it’s amazing what you see.

From Detroit’s psychodelic tunnel in McNamera to the mystifying words engraved in the floor in Denver to the delightfully labelled “Recombobulation Area” perfectly placed just inside Security in Milwaukee, each terminal offers something to appreciate to the curious traveler.

These are some of the more interesting tableaux I have encountered in recent travels.


Stephen Shields is a husband, father, writer, management consultant, and iPhoneographer. Stephen, his wife Beth, his three teen-aged daughters, and their Rhodesian Ridgeback live in the Baltimore, MD area. Stephen very much enjoys shooting landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, and architecture on his many business trips and has about 190 iPhone photography apps.  He never leaves home to travel without his Powerocks portable charger.