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Travel Tips: How to Breeze Through Airport Security

People traveling through the airport

Are you done with having to spring through the airport?

We’ve all been there. Whether you have mere minutes between connecting flights or you get stuck in traffic on your way to the airport, security is one step of your journey that can truly be hit or miss in terms of time costs. As you shove your feet back into your shoes after emptying your pockets, taking off your belt, and so on- you may ask yourself, “Is there a way to make this process easier?”

Fortunately for you, the answer is a resounding, “Yes!” We’ve broken down how to get through airport security with less hassles into these simple and easy-to-follow tips:

TSA’s Pre✓ Program

Before you leave for the airport, make sure you’re ahead of the game. One of your biggest time-saving opportunities is TSA’s Pre Check program. The program permits travelers to bypass the traditional security line into your own designated security checkpoint.

The program is gaining popularity amongst travelers, but lines still remain fairly short. You can join the program through partner airlines such as American, Southwest, Delta, JetBlue, and many more. TSA’s Precheck program is currently housed at more than 40 hubs across the country. Click here to see if they offer the Precheck program at your most-visited airports.

Know your Airport

Knowing your way around the airport is key to zipping through the process. Before you leave to catch your flight, check available parking. Being aware of which lots are full in relation to your terminal will save you critical travel time from your car to security. During peak travel times, lots fill up fast which should give you good enough reason to plan ahead. Consider these apps to help you pick the best airport parking spot.


Be Dressed for Success

This objective is clear – take only the bare necessities to meet your travel needs. While traveling light has its own advantages, you can maximize the affect during security checks by packing efficiently as well. Pick a certain color scheme and go with only colors that match so you can mix-and-match outfits during your stay. During the colder months (or when you travel to a cool destination), consider layering to replace a single, bulky overcoat. This will enable you to breeze more quickly through security and eliminate the need to remove you coat during the security screening process.

Also, save the accessorizing for after you get off the plane. Watches, belts, shoes, and other items have to be taken off during screening. The more clothing and accessories you have on, the longer it will take you to move through security.

Always be Prepared

Always check your flight status. You never know if there’s a delay, gate change, or cancelation. Flight Aware and Flight View are both free apps for Android and iOS that allow you to check your flight status, gate, and departure time.

Since your phone helps you stay on schedule, always be sure to pack an extra charging cable. Most airports now have USB charging stations and outlets you can use for a pre-flight charge and many airlines now have USB plugs at your seat for on-the-fly charging. Now that you have the necessary tools to get you though security, it’s time to get out there and explore!