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Beginners Guide: How to Take the Best Selfie

Learning the technique that’s involved with taking the perfect selfie takes some skill. Growing in popularity, the “selfie” has yielded well over 155 million searches on Instagram this far and was recently added to the English Dictionary. It leads to the question: how do you take the best selfie?

Tips on How to Take the Perfect Selfie

Choose the Best Possible Lighting

Lighting will make or break your picture. Avoid flash whenever possible and try to leverage natural lighting. Posing in front of a window often provides ample natural lighting for a great shot and can help eliminate any pesky shadows that may interfere with capturing the best shot. When’s the best time to take advantage of natural light? Watch for the “magic hours” – one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. Experiment with front and back-lighting to produce interesting effects with your photos but be sure to watch for camera and selfie-stick shadows! Use framing and positioning to eliminate these shadows whenever possible.

Spice Up Your Background

The best selfies are taken with either very interesting backgrounds or very simple ones. Beware of the in between. Consider your surroundings and beware of the photo bombers that could be lurking in the background. Background elements can make or break a great shot, so beware of framing your photos where strong background elements interfere or interact with your subject. The classic example is framing your shot where a tree appears to be growing out of your head!

Use the Proper Filters

Filters are a fantastic way to add some flavor to your selfie. Make sure to choose the right filter to get the most out of your photo. We recommend Aviary, which provides typical photo filtering features such as lighting adjustments, removing unwanted color, and teeth whitening. Aviary also offers an easy-to-use meme generator, frame additions, and a plethora of sticker options.

It’s All about the Angle

One aspect that could really impede on your selfie is a bad angle. Always view yourself on your phone’s screen before taking the photo. Experiment with poses from each side of your face. For most of us, one side usually produces a stronger photo than the other and either angle is usually superior to a straight on shot. Also, pay attention to your shoulder angle. It is usually best to avoid positioning yourself (or your model) with the shoulders square to the camera. If you can create at least a slight angle, it will result in a stronger portrait and help ensure that your face is the primary focus of the photo.

Avoid a Dead Battery

There are few things more frustrating than setting up the perfect shot only to discover that your battery has died. Fortunately, there are a variety of portable chargers available to provide an emergency charge when your phone’s power dwindles away from an outlet. Thunder Power is great option due to it’s compact size and durability.

Use a Selfie Stick

Don’t be left out of your next family photo. The selfie stick has revolutionized the art of taking the perfect selfie. Selfie sticks allow for the photographer to expand the selfie to include more people and a larger background. We recommend the retractable Wired Selfie Stick by Key Enhanced. This selfie stick offers great usability at an awesome price ($19.99 with Free Shipping).

Interested in learning more about the art of selfie photo taking? Start with a search on both Twitter and Instagram for particular hashtags such as #selfie, #instagood, and #photooftheday.