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Life Off the Wall, A User Review

Joel, a Texas based attorney, and his girlfriend who goes by Turtle, are both accomplished ultra runners and overall very busy people.They give us a taste of what their lives are like using our Powerocks Rose Stone and Magic Cube portable chargers and they do it in terms we can all understand! 

Here is my overall review of each!

Rose Stone 6000mAh:

RoseStone3Awesome.  At 6000 mAh, it has enough power to recahrge our phones twice, OR keep them running three times as long as they can normally.  People with smaller batteries (older iPhones, normal Android phones, etc) will get even more charges.  The power output, at 2.1 Amps, is awesome, it charges the phone incredibly fast, even faster than the standard wall socket adapters that came with the phones.  You can have GPS, music, and surf the web all at the same time, and soon the phone will be fully charged. Although we tend to use this for our phones, I’ve also charged my Garmin GPS devices (including my Forerunner) and my Nexus7 tablet with the Rose Stone. It’s not limited to phones. We have nothing but rave feelings about this battery pack and its capabilities!

Magic Cube 12000 mAh:

Great for Android, pretty good for Apple.  This battery goes forever.  12,000 mAh means my phone lasts 5x as long as originally, or can be recharged from empty four times.  Also a 2 amp charger, my phone tops off quickly, even while running GPS and audio books.  I love the integrated USB and micro USB cables – I don’t even have to remember to bring a cable along (though obviously, if I want to throw the Cube in a hydration pack or pocket, I need to use my own, longer cable).

Herein lies the only fault I can find with the Cube.  If you use the built in cables, you get 2 amp charging. Awesome!  However, if you plug your own cable into the Cube, you only get 1 amp charging.  And since the built in cables aren’t Apple connectors, iPhone users only have access to the 12,000 mAh at the slower charging 1amp rate.  This is akin to plugging into the USB port on a laptop or Mac – if that’s good enough for you, then the Magic Cube will be awesome for you.  For us, while this works, we do eventually run out of power if we have GPS and audio going at the same time. It’s not the Magic Cube that runs out, it’s the phone draining faster than MAGICUBE_12000_BLACK_OPENit’s charging. Since this fault applies to my Android phone if I use a long cable and toss the Magic Cube into my pack, for tracking half to all day runs, I prefer to use the Rose Stone.  For multiday runs (I have a six day run coming up in August and will have some very long training runs) , I’ll probably use two Rose Stones instead of the Magic Cube.  But for travel, I love my Magic Cube!

Right now, I’m flying to Colorado to pick up a car that I’m then driving to Arizona, 700 miles.  The car has one cigarette lighter, and my Garmin Nuvi is going to be using that for navigating my way.  I’m an avid audio book listener, so I’ll want to listen to my books from my phone. That means my phone needs to last 15+ hours while playing books.  No way, right? Yes way! My Magic Cube is coming along for the drive. 

Thanks, Powerocks