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My Phone Battery Keeps Dying: 3 Smartphone Battery Solutions

Person holding a phone with a dead battery

Why is it that smartphones continue to evolve and improve, yet many of their batteries have remained woefully inadequate? If you feel like your phone’s battery is always low on juice, you’re not alone. Here are three ways to address this pervasive, frustrating reality.

Buy a New Phone

Not all phones nor batteries are created equally. The tech-savvy folks at CNET have made it their business to keep tabs on which batteries are the juiciest. Included on their latest list are Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Active (their average battery lives were 15 and 16.8 hours, respectively) and the LG Volt, which averaged a 16.35-hour battery life. Buy one of these phones and enjoy instant battery awesomeness. But be prepared to pay handsomely for it (to the tune of $499 and up). Is a new phone a solution to your battery woes? Yes. Is it one you can afford? Not so much.

Replace Your Battery

So you don’t want to drop hundreds on a new phone. You could compromise by keeping the phone but replacing its battery. Many Android phones have replaceable batteries. Replacing your iPhone battery is more challenging, so you’ll need to head to the always-crowded Apple Store to have it changed by a pro. A new Android battery will set you back around $45, and you’ll drop about $80 on a replacement iPhone battery. Is it worth the expense and hassle to buy a brand new battery for your old phone? If you plan to upgrade your phone in the foreseeable future, probably not.

Purchase a Portable Phone Charger

The final solution for alleviating the frustration of a dead mobile phone battery is also an affordable, long-lasting and versatile solution: buy a portable phone charger. Our best recommendation when you’re shopping around for a portable battery charger is to choose one that’s lightweight and will provide multiple full charges, not just for your cell phone but also for your tablet, iPod, E-reader and other portable devices. Sure, you could buy a new phone or a new battery. Or you could buy a portable phone charger you can keep using year after year with each upgraded phone you buy. (Admit it, you will want to upgrade to the latest and greatest phone.) A portable charger is a solution that won’t go out of style. In other words, it’s the smart solution!