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Why Does My Mobile Battery Die So Fast? Here Are a Few Quick Fixes.

Mobile Battery Life

Nothing is more frustrating than your smartphone switching to battery saver mode when you’re in the middle of something important. Inevitably, you’re nowhere near your charger and get stuck with a slowly dying mobile battery for the rest of the day. Here are a few speedy fixes to keep you connected all day.

Turn off 4G LTE

4G LTE is excellent for your mobile download and browsing speeds, but it’s not so great when it comes to your mobile battery life. The LTE radio draws more power than 3G, and the smartphone frequently checks for the closest tower. If you have access to WiFi, definitely connect with that service. If not and you are worried about battery drain, turn off LTE to help preserve your power.

Ditch the Facebook App

Do you use the Facebook app to keep up to date with your social network? You might know the latest news, but you’re also killing your mobile battery. The app constantly checks for updates, even if you have the app closed entirely. You only have one way to deal with Facebook’s battery draining – uninstall the app. Facebook is working on a fix, but the only current workaround is simply using Facebook’s mobile website instead of the app. If you need to answer Facebook messages, you will need the separate Facebook Messenger app, as the mobile site doesn’t provide message functionality.

Optimize System Settings

Check your system settings to optimize your smartphone for battery life. Your display is one of the biggest battery life drains, so turn down the brightness to converse your battery. Disable Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi when you aren’t actively using these features. Take advantage of battery saving mode in iOS 9 via the Settings > Battery menu. You can enable airplane mode at specific battery percents and make other changes. The Smart Quick Settings App fully automates battery saving settings for Android phones.

Portable USB Charger

If you still have problems with mobile phone battery life after these tips, consider a portable USB charger. A portable charger gives you an on-the-go battery pack so you avoid getting stuck with a dead smartphone at the worst time. This device helps you keep your device charged all day when you’re out and about.

Smartphones are one of the most useful tools for work and play, so you need to keep it going throughout the day. Tweaking settings, uninstalling power hungry apps and carrying around a portable charger solve all of your mobile phone power issues.

Three Best Fitness Apps to Try Right Now

Woman Jogging

Eating well and exercising. You know you should do it. The problem is finding the motivation to get started and stay the course. You’re probably within arm’s length from the tool most likely to help you achieve your goal: your smartphone! Download these apps and you’ll discover a healthier lifestyle is actually within reach.

Best App for the Runner and Cyclist

Ready for a healthy addiction? Check out the Strava GPS Cycling and Running App, which will stoke your competitive fire and keep you motivated to exceed your personal best. With the Strava app, you’re connected to like-minded athletes across the globe. The social nature of this free app encourages camaraderie and will motivate you to do your best since you know your peers are rooting you on. Use the app to plan your route, record your activity, and analyze data (including statistics on your power, pace, and heart rate readings) against your prior performance, other app users, and even professionals.

Best App for Nutrition and Weight Loss

Whether your goal is to shed 10 pounds or 150, lose the weight with Lose It! This user-friendly app is jam-packed with tools you can use to set a daily calorie limit, track caloric intake, and calories burned through exercise, and access peer support 24/7. Download the app, enter your goal weight and use features like the calorie-counter, recipe suggestions, and the Lose It! weekly challenge to become a healthier you. Without support, weight loss can be an even bigger challenge. Lost it! connects your support group through your social media accounts. No need to worry about who will see your content, you have full control over your privacy settings.

Best Overall Fitness App

Have you ever wished you had a partner in fitness? My Fitness Pal is exactly that. This free app is intuitive: It “learns” your habits so you can quickly and easily keep a food diary and an activity log. Experts agree that tracking caloric intake and calories burned is one of the best ways to stay on track with a diet and/or fitness regimen. My Fitness Pal’s food database includes more than a million items, and its exercise database is equally comprehensive. When you use the app, you also have access to an active community forum where you can gain inspiration, as well as friends who know exactly what you’re going through.

These healthy-lifestyle apps will motivate you and show you, literally, that you can do it. Before you know it, you’ll be on a roll and shedding weight. Don’t let a dead smartphone battery derail your momentum. For longer workouts, make sure your app is always at the ready by carrying a charger with you. Thunder Power is the best portable battery charger on the market because it’s lightweight, compatible with multiple devices, and comes in an array of fun colors to coordinate with your workout gear. Now get at it!

My Phone Battery Keeps Dying: 3 Smartphone Battery Solutions

Person holding a phone with a dead battery

Why is it that smartphones continue to evolve and improve, yet many of their batteries have remained woefully inadequate? If you feel like your phone’s battery is always low on juice, you’re not alone. Here are three ways to address this pervasive, frustrating reality.

Buy a New Phone

Not all phones nor batteries are created equally. The tech-savvy folks at CNET have made it their business to keep tabs on which batteries are the juiciest. Included on their latest list are Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Active (their average battery lives were 15 and 16.8 hours, respectively) and the LG Volt, which averaged a 16.35-hour battery life. Buy one of these phones and enjoy instant battery awesomeness. But be prepared to pay handsomely for it (to the tune of $499 and up). Is a new phone a solution to your battery woes? Yes. Is it one you can afford? Not so much.

Replace Your Battery

So you don’t want to drop hundreds on a new phone. You could compromise by keeping the phone but replacing its battery. Many Android phones have replaceable batteries. Replacing your iPhone battery is more challenging, so you’ll need to head to the always-crowded Apple Store to have it changed by a pro. A new Android battery will set you back around $45, and you’ll drop about $80 on a replacement iPhone battery. Is it worth the expense and hassle to buy a brand new battery for your old phone? If you plan to upgrade your phone in the foreseeable future, probably not.

Purchase a Portable Phone Charger

The final solution for alleviating the frustration of a dead mobile phone battery is also an affordable, long-lasting and versatile solution: buy a portable phone charger. Our best recommendation when you’re shopping around for a portable battery charger is to choose one that’s lightweight and will provide multiple full charges, not just for your cell phone but also for your tablet, iPod, E-reader and other portable devices. Sure, you could buy a new phone or a new battery. Or you could buy a portable phone charger you can keep using year after year with each upgraded phone you buy. (Admit it, you will want to upgrade to the latest and greatest phone.) A portable charger is a solution that won’t go out of style. In other words, it’s the smart solution!

3 Actionable Rules for Your Child’s Screen Time

Child experiencing screen time

With research showing that too much screen time can negatively impact children’s education, many parents are looking for ways to cut down the amount of time their children spend staring at a screen. If you want to limit your child’s screen time without facing daily arguments, start implementing these hard and fast rules today.

1. Screen Time Is a Privilege

Remind your kids that screen time is a privilege, not a right. Kids need to earn screen time through good behavior, hard work at school and doing all of their chores. If your child refuses to fulfill his or her end of the deal, then don’t allow any screen time. However, when the child behaves well, you need to follow through with the promised reward. If your child prefers to use his or her device in the family room or kitchen, it may run low on power. A portable charger can extend the battery life of the device and your child can fully enjoy his or her earned screen time.

2. Screen Time Isn’t Private

Electronic devices can open up a huge range of learning opportunities for kids. Educational games teach tricky concepts in fun ways, while the internet contains a vast range of learning resources to help kids with their studies. However, there are also some sites that are unsuitable or even dangerous for children. Allow your child to safely reap the benefits of screen time by supervising him or her while playing and learning online. Keep internet-connected devices in the main family room and consider installing parental control software that allows you to monitor the sites your child is visiting.

3. Screen Time Has Defined Start and End Times

Screen time needs to have clearly defined start and end times, otherwise it’s very easy for it to expand to taking up much of the day. A recent study showed that children between 8 and 10 spend an average of nearly 8 hours each day in front of a screen, while for older kids it’s up to 11 hours a day. This can lead to your child having problems with sleeping, schoolwork, aggressive behavior and obesity. By placing strict limits on screen time, you can protect your child from these harmful effects. Once your child gets used to the idea that screen time ends at 8 p.m. with no exceptions, then you won’t need to argue about it every time. Enforcing start and end times can be tough at first, but the rewards are worth it.

Key Takeaway: Controlled Screen Time is Beneficial

Screen time rules allow kids to enjoy the educational benefits of computers and mobile devices, without putting them at risk. Use these actionable rules to control screen time in your household and keep your child safe and happy.

Smartphone Tips: How to Take Fantastic Fall Foliage Photos

Fall foliage

It’s finally fall, and that means cooler temps, gentle breezes and colorful autumn foliage that makes a striking backdrop for family photos as well as artsy and fabulously frame-worthy nature snaps.

When Should You Go?

When to take the most ideal shots depends on where you live. In colder, mountainous regions like the Rockies, Adirondacks and much of New England, peak foliage time is September into early October. In the Northeast, Western plains states and the mid-Atlantic coast, foliage peaks in mid-to-late October. In California, the Deep South and warmer regions, head out in early November.

Test Your Techniques

When the time is right and you’re ready to work your magic, your smartphone is the smart choice for capturing Mother Nature in all her multi-hued glory.

One of the most underutilized smartphone tips for budding photographers is to use a tripod. Professionals use them all the time, so if you want the best results, take one on your fall foliage photo shoot. It doesn’t need to be fancy, just sturdy and still. You can even make one yourself.

Another way to score breathtaking photos is to experiment with a tree-changing time-lapse setting. Some smartphones have built-in time-lapse feature apps. If your phone doesn’t, you can download an app. Essentially, you can set your phone to take photos at various intervals, such as one photo per second or one photo every hour. Imagine how cool it would be to zoom in on one tree, leave your phone aimed for several hours in the same spot, and record the progression of this scientific phenomenon. (Did you know leaves don’t actually change color? They simply stop producing chlorophyll that masks the always-present yellow, orange and purple pigments.)

Don’t Run Out of Juice

It’s a mystery for the ages: How can smartphones be so smart but their batteries so quickly depleted? Until some avid entrepreneur comes up with a solution, do yourself a favor. Don’t head out to your photo shoot without a portable cell phone charger. Nothing slams the brakes on a fun fall photo shoot like a dead camera. The shots you miss could be the money shots. Eliminate that risk by packing a portable charger.

Fall is in the air! Enjoy the foliage before you find yourself sidelined by raking duty!