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Climb for Change: THREE Peaks, Two Beards & $5000

By Landon Faulkner: Make Adventure 

I checked my watch, it was 11am. We were 2.5 hours behind schedule and my body told me why with each step. It had been hard to get out of our sleeping bags that morning and even harder to start climbing. We had prepared for the two day, all out climb of two peaks, but that didn’t mean we were somehow exempt from the pain of it all. We knew it would be a tough climb, but we had made it tough with the purpose of raising money ClimbForChangefor Peak 7 Adventures, a non-profit that provides outdoor adventure programs for at-risk teens. We thought about the kids we were helping with our $5,000 goal with each step.

Andrew quickly joined me at 10,457 feet above sea level on the highest point of Lassen Peak. I double checked the altimeter and my GPS Topographical Map on my phone for final confirmation of what I already knew from the view, we could go no higher. Looking north Mount Shasta stood equally snow-capped in it’s brilliant 14,179 ft. Directly to the west and below us sat the Lassen crater, the remains of the active volcano’s last major eruption. Indeed we had a brilliant 360 degree view of mountains upon mountains.

We had done it! We had summited our second peak in two days, all that was left was the return trek to our vehicle to round of our 30 mile trip and to hopefully reach our fundraising goal (we currently need $422 to meet our goal). We snapped some photos standing tiredly, yet happily, upon the summit and prepared for our descent. I checked the battery on my phone, my primary navigation, photography, and all around used device; 24% charge left. I pulled out my Powerocks Rose Stone, plugged in my phone and hit the button to begin charging as I had 3 times already during the trip for a full charge each time. I tucked the device and portable charger in my pack and began the descent.

“2.5 hours behind schedule. We can make that time up on the way down” I said to Andrew.

“Yeah man, time for some glissading” he responded with a smile.

Once on an open pitch of snow we began sliding down the steep face of Lassen Peak using our ice axes as breaks in a maneuver which is called “glissading.” What had taken us a few hours to climb that morning took a matter of minutes to descend. Returning to camp we packed up and headed out hoping to continue to make up time. We followed the park road we had snowshoed up the night before in complete darkness continuing to make up time on the gradual descent. I checked my GPS map on my phone to double check a shortcut and noticed my phone was nearly back at 100% after about an hour of charging. I unplugged my phone putting it in my pocket and began climbing Diamond Peak ridge, our shortcut, and a third peak we had decided to add to the list at the last moment.

photo 5

By 6pm we had summited Diamond Peak and found our way back to the trailhead and our vehicle. We had officially finished! We had summited Brokeoff Mountain Friday morning and climbed to a base camp that same afternoon and evening. We started early Saturday and summited Lassen Peak, then Diamond Peak and had completed the three peak, 30 mile journey only 30 minutes behind schedule. A hamburger and a nap never sounded better.

Landon and his cousin Andrew tackled a total of three mountain peaks and over 30 miles of snowy terrian and raising over $5000 for Peak 7 Adventures. Powerocks was  proud to help them #MakeAdventure by giving them #PowerWithoutLimits! Landon and Andrew used Flash Magicsticks as well as two Rose Stones on their two day trip.