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Backwoods with Powerocks

Backwoods employees Brian Tipton and Jake Tostenson, along with our friend Tyler Warner and myself took off for Colorado 3 am New Year’s Day with our eyes set to attempt winter summits on Gray’s and Torrey’s peaks- two of Colorado’s famous 14,000 foot peaks in the Front Range.  Being winter in the mountains there were many factors we had to consider to stay safe while climbing- and camping, but the most important of all was avalanche danger.  That and maybe keeping our music rolling while we would be stuck huddled in our tent staying warm at our basecamp.  


Photo: Sunrise over main camp at the base of Gray’s Peak

For safe climbing in the mountains during this season we needed accurate and up to date avalanche information and forecasting as frequently as we could get it, but with the roaming cell phone signals and single-digit temperatures we would have been hard pressed without our Powerocks portable chargers to juice up our shriveling batteries two or three days in- when we would need it the most. 

After a hard debate, ultimately we decided to abandon our summit attempt due to the extremely high avalanche danger coming in with the 18” of new snow.  Thanks to Powerocks, we were actually able to keep our communication open through the freezing weather and we were able to receive the news that would make us decide it was becoming too dangerous.  We tucked tail and settled our trip woes with the backup plan:  Snowboarding! We went to try out the fresh powder brought in from the snowstorms and of course we would need our GoPros to capture it. By this time, Brian had helped us suck the battery dry in one camera already, but there was a Powerocks for that! 


Photo: Cutting fresh powder lines in the new snow * taken by Camera charged with Powerocks*

Picture 2

Photo: Jake and I (Logan) riding Lift 9 into the heavens *GoPro photo charged by Powerocks*

On our other day off that we received due to our summit-bust, we decided to enjoy the weather down in Boulder and go for a hike up to the flatirons where we brought our Powerocks with us so that we could ensure that our cameras would be alive when we got to the top. By the time we were in the Flatirons, we had been powering our GoPros, Iphones, Our GoalZero portable speakers, our TurtleShell Speaker, and even our dazzling ENO tent lights for going on 4 days in heavy snow- all by our Powerocks chargers.  This was really impressive to every one of us considering the widespread knowledge that batteries just flat out don’t work in the cold.  We were expecting it.  We would have probably even been okay with it.  But they persevered.  Mind you, we took care to keep our chargers protected from as many elements as we could (storing them in our jackets on the move, and sleeping bags overnight) but the Powerocks were the only electrical devices that we brought that did not die in the cold.  Good thing they were the chargers for all the other devices! 


Photo: Jake and Brian looking out on the city of Boulder after a short free solo of the 2nd Flatiron

The trip was great, and we will be bringing Powerocks again. These things are tough!

*All photos included were taken by devices that were charged by Powerocks