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Be Selective.

Kris H., a National Account Manager  here at our Powerocks headquarters, is passionate about our products, and the safety and reliability of them. Make no mistake, not all portable charging solutions are the same. Kris takes us through some general reasons why its important to be selective when considering your portable charging solution.  

Keep Your Life Line Alive!

Smartphones are not just phones – they’re small, powerful computers that make phone calls, too. Since we depend on our phones for so much, let’s face it: our phones are our life lines, and when the battery drains, we’re dead in the water.

So what do we do when our life line loses power? We hunt around for the nearest plug. And when the location of the power outlet is inconvenient, we’re either missing the action, missing our phone, or both.

That’s been solved with the recent invention of portable chargers, allowing us to charge up devices anywhere, anytime. But with nearly 200 million web search results for ‘portable battery’, ‘portable charger’ and the like, how do you pick the best?

When it comes to the high-end technology, ‘cheaper’ almost always means ‘worse quality’ – a Pinto can never be mistaken for a Mustang, and a cheap power source can never perform the same as a high-quality option.

Here’s a quick battery test you can try before you buy: Pick it up and notice the weight and density. If it feels plasticky or like there’s no weight to it, chances are it’s one to pass on. The reason? A high-quality portable charging solution will include cutting-edge electronic components to help regulate and protect you and your devices from:

–       Overheating, melting, corrosion or explosion

–       Overcharging your devices’ batteries, lessening total capacity

–       Losing overall charge capacity

So be sure to look for a high-end power solution that’s made of quality materials to avoid getting scammed by cheap remanufactured materials – some low-end chargers on the market even use recycled lap top batteries for their cells!

Although you can find competitors selling for $15–$30 for 1000–2000 mAh, they only last a few charges and then they may lose power capacity and die altogether. A quality solution doesn’t cost much more at $40 to $50 for 3000 mAh, giving you the technology to keep you and your devices charged up safely.

Best of all, most quality portable chargers have warranties and customer service support that you can actually contact – because when it comes to being disconnected, nothing is more important than a life line.

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