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Ultra Power

Joel, a Texas based attorney, and his girlfriend who goes by Turtle, are both accomplished ultra runners and overall very busy people.They give us a taste of what their lives are like using our Powerocks Rose Stone and Magic Cube portable chargers. 

    We got our Powerocks in November, right before taking a long trip to the East coast, on which we knew we wouldn’t have access to power for days at a time. We were excited about the opportunity to stay charged up using Powerocks to joel5blogresizedhelp us navigate and record our trip.  Unfortunately, our carefully planned trip took a turn for the worse.  A massive snow storm came in, roads were closed and airports shut down.  Our flights were canceled and we found ourselves stranded in Chicago. Although we had a great time together, our trip turned into a costly mess and we missed work for a whole week longer than expected.

    Thankfully we had our Powerocks! Naturally, we needed power for our phones, and by the end of this unexpected adventure, they were an integral part of our packing list.  Turtle’s iPhone and my RAZR Maxx have the largest cell phone batteries on the market, so while they last a long time, once they’re empty, they take a lot to recharge.  We get several full charges. Better than that, we can use the phones all day long with non-stop GPS, movies, audio books, etc., while plugged into our Powerocks!

    Over the next couple months, we both found ourselves using our Powerocks all the time.  We’re both ultra distance runners. Turtle is actually quite accomplished, with a 50 miler, 100km, joel4blogresizedand a half marathon all completed in January! In fact, this makes me feel a little inadequate, way to go Turtle! Anyway, we both like to record our runs using Runkeeper and/or Strava.  Trying to run your GPS, audio books and/or music for a twelve plus hour run is impossible, unless you have extra power.

    I’ve attached a couple pictures that Turtle sent me from her recent 100km (62 mile) running race. She was going to take more pics of her Rose Stoneafter the start, but then got distracted by joel6bigthe tough course, incidentally, her first 100k race.  (Powerocks note: We forgive you Turtle, we think it’s pretty awesome you ran 62 miles!) 

Thanks, Powerocks! 

Coming soon, a very smart and detailed product review for our Magic Cube and Rose Stone Powerocks from Joel and Turtle!