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Three Best Fitness Apps to Try Right Now

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Eating well and exercising. You know you should do it. The problem is finding the motivation to get started and stay the course. You’re probably within arm’s length from the tool most likely to help you achieve your goal: your smartphone! Download these apps and you’ll discover a healthier lifestyle is actually within reach.

Best App for the Runner and Cyclist

Ready for a healthy addiction? Check out the Strava GPS Cycling and Running App, which will stoke your competitive fire and keep you motivated to exceed your personal best. With the Strava app, you’re connected to like-minded athletes across the globe. The social nature of this free app encourages camaraderie and will motivate you to do your best since you know your peers are rooting you on. Use the app to plan your route, record your activity, and analyze data (including statistics on your power, pace, and heart rate readings) against your prior performance, other app users, and even professionals.

Best App for Nutrition and Weight Loss

Whether your goal is to shed 10 pounds or 150, lose the weight with Lose It! This user-friendly app is jam-packed with tools you can use to set a daily calorie limit, track caloric intake, and calories burned through exercise, and access peer support 24/7. Download the app, enter your goal weight and use features like the calorie-counter, recipe suggestions, and the Lose It! weekly challenge to become a healthier you. Without support, weight loss can be an even bigger challenge. Lost it! connects your support group through your social media accounts. No need to worry about who will see your content, you have full control over your privacy settings.

Best Overall Fitness App

Have you ever wished you had a partner in fitness? My Fitness Pal is exactly that. This free app is intuitive: It “learns” your habits so you can quickly and easily keep a food diary and an activity log. Experts agree that tracking caloric intake and calories burned is one of the best ways to stay on track with a diet and/or fitness regimen. My Fitness Pal’s food database includes more than a million items, and its exercise database is equally comprehensive. When you use the app, you also have access to an active community forum where you can gain inspiration, as well as friends who know exactly what you’re going through.

These healthy-lifestyle apps will motivate you and show you, literally, that you can do it. Before you know it, you’ll be on a roll and shedding weight. Don’t let a dead smartphone battery derail your momentum. For longer workouts, make sure your app is always at the ready by carrying a charger with you. Thunder Power is the best portable battery charger on the market because it’s lightweight, compatible with multiple devices, and comes in an array of fun colors to coordinate with your workout gear. Now get at it!