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What’s yours is mine.


I purchased my Powerocks at an NHL New York Islanders game with their team logo on it (Go Islanders!). I have never heard of Powerocks before seeing it that night on one of the players Instagram. I am a police officer and a volunteer firefighter and often need my phone charged frequently throughout the day.  I used it (and still do) almost on a daily basis.  I knew that when I, and my now wife, where going out of the country for almost 2 weeks on our honeymoon, that we needed to have ‘back-up.’  I bought this for myself, but now that I am married, you know that old saying, “what’s mine is hers.”!  We used our phones as our camera/video source, so we had to make sure to never miss amoment… and we didn’t!  She loved it so much that I basically lost it to her during that trip.  Couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. Powerocks made our honeymoon picture perfect, giving us the ability to use our phone/camera’s for hours on end!! Thank you again!


Michael and Catherine Jurgens



Thank you to Michael for sharing your testimonial! Michael recently won a Powerocks Facebook contest, so not only will he have a Powerocks Magicstick of his very own (again) but his team at the Valley Stream Fire Department will have ten more at their disposal so they can always #StayConnected when it matters most!

Congratulations and best wishes on your marraige, Michael & Catherine!