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Why Does My Mobile Battery Die So Fast? Here Are a Few Quick Fixes.

Mobile Battery Life

Nothing is more frustrating than your smartphone switching to battery saver mode when you’re in the middle of something important. Inevitably, you’re nowhere near your charger and get stuck with a slowly dying mobile battery for the rest of the day. Here are a few speedy fixes to keep you connected all day.

Turn off 4G LTE

4G LTE is excellent for your mobile download and browsing speeds, but it’s not so great when it comes to your mobile battery life. The LTE radio draws more power than 3G, and the smartphone frequently checks for the closest tower. If you have access to WiFi, definitely connect with that service. If not and you are worried about battery drain, turn off LTE to help preserve your power.

Ditch the Facebook App

Do you use the Facebook app to keep up to date with your social network? You might know the latest news, but you’re also killing your mobile battery. The app constantly checks for updates, even if you have the app closed entirely. You only have one way to deal with Facebook’s battery draining – uninstall the app. Facebook is working on a fix, but the only current workaround is simply using Facebook’s mobile website instead of the app. If you need to answer Facebook messages, you will need the separate Facebook Messenger app, as the mobile site doesn’t provide message functionality.

Optimize System Settings

Check your system settings to optimize your smartphone for battery life. Your display is one of the biggest battery life drains, so turn down the brightness to converse your battery. Disable Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi when you aren’t actively using these features. Take advantage of battery saving mode in iOS 9 via the Settings > Battery menu. You can enable airplane mode at specific battery percents and make other changes. The Smart Quick Settings App fully automates battery saving settings for Android phones.

Portable USB Charger

If you still have problems with mobile phone battery life after these tips, consider a portable USB charger. A portable charger gives you an on-the-go battery pack so you avoid getting stuck with a dead smartphone at the worst time. This device helps you keep your device charged all day when you’re out and about.

Smartphones are one of the most useful tools for work and play, so you need to keep it going throughout the day. Tweaking settings, uninstalling power hungry apps and carrying around a portable charger solve all of your mobile phone power issues.